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The Heart of AI

AI tools that adapt to unique thinking styles.

My Heartfelt Approach to AI Communication

I believe in humanizing AI. My experiences have taught me the significance of balancing practicality with empathy. Whether it's using sentiment analysis to assist companies in comprehending customer feedback or developing conversational AI that connects people, I aim to infuse AI solutions with a human touch. 


​I'm an emotions coach and intuitive alchemist who specializes in prompt engineering. My natural talent for recognizing patterns in human behavior and emotions allows me to develop empathetic dialogue and create solutions to understand and interpret data on a deeper level. This is especially important in healthcare, retail, and customer service to improve the user experience by addressing the emotional needs of the end user. 

Emotionally Intelligent Prompts

As a multi-certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, I bring a unique understanding of the human element to AI interactions. I can create prompts that incorporate emotional intelligence into AI solutions, which is invaluable for applications such as customer service bots and mental health support tools.


Empathy Driven- AI Conversations

My expertise in emotional wellness and intuitive AI bridges technology and human understanding, essential for customer loyalty in sectors like retail and healthcare.


Mindful Chatbots & AI Assistants

Programming chatbots and AI assistants that truly connect with users isn't just about technical know-how; it's about understanding the subtle nuances of human emotion and interaction, which is where my expertise shines.


Solving Real Problems
with Intuitive GPT'S

My GPTs are not just tools but companions for your journey. Whether you're looking to manage ADHD, unravel complex thoughts, or boost productivity, I've got you covered. Each AI creation in this haven is designed to understand, support, and empower the beautifully diverse ways your brain works. With my suite of empathetic and intuitive AI allies, you can explore, engage, and transform your everyday experiences. 

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