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A Heart to Heart Dialogue

 I use storytelling's power to shape often invisible emotions, ensuring that every word and interaction conveys information and speaks directly to the heart. My ultimate goal is to redefine productivity by making the power of AI accessible to everyone, with tools that can adapt to their unique thinking style.

The Science of Conversational AI

Beneath the emotional intelligence of my AI lies a profound understanding of psychology. I blend scientific insights with the art of conversation, creating responses that don't just answer but resonate with your heart. I aim for your customers to feel like they're speaking with someone, not something.

Efficiency & Productivity Gains

As an entrepreneur, I've successfully steered multiple ventures, delving into merchandise development and fostering two distinct brands that resonate with spiritual enthusiasts. Leveraging innovative tools like Midjourney, Jarvis, and Snazzy, along with a blend of intuitive insight and unconventional thinking, I've tailored products to perfectly match my audience's preferences and desires. This direct and empathetic connection with my users has been instrumental in refining my approach to AI.

Market Insights & Innovation

My journey in understanding user design and audience engagement flourished through my experience with social media over the past five years, developing my skillsets as a solopreneur. Growing a TikTok account to over 50K followers, I learned firsthand the power of connecting with an audience, a skill that's pivotal in user-centric AI development.


"I develop AI tools to aid decision-making, simplify tasks, and boost productivity for unique thinking styles.”

Debbie Codinach

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